2015 Stage Schedule

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Welcome to the 43rd Annual Nassau County AOH Feis & Festival. Please note that all times are approximate. Dancers must be available to dance 30 minutes before the scheduled time.


Good Luck to All the Dancers!


9:00AM 501* 4
502* 9
10:00AM 503 13
11:00AM 504** 10
509** 1
510** 4
511** 1
1:00PM 505 17
2:15PM 506*** 3
515*** 6
3:00PM 410 9


9:00AM 401 7
9:15AM 402 18
9:50AM 403 16
10:25AM 404 12
10:50AM 405 28
11:45AM 409 10
1:00PM 406 20
1:45PM 407 26
2:35PM 408 11
3:00PM 410 9
*Comps 501 & 502 will run concurrently
**Comps 504, 509, 510 & 511 will run concurrently
***Comps 506 & 515 will run concurrently
Start: 9:00AM Sharp
Reel 004/001 14
Jig 011 5
SJ 009/006 5
ADV BEG not before 9:20
Reel 101 5
Reel 131/126 10
Jig 112 12
Jig 122 5
SJ 108/103 13
SJ 118 9
SJ 148/143 2
TJ 134/129 9
HP 115/120 8
HP 125 6
NOVICE not before 10:30
Reel 206 6
Reel 221 14
Reel 241/236 5
Jig 217 18
Jig 232 7
SJ 213 17
SJ 228 13
TJ 209/204 12
TJ 224 13
TJ 244/249 6
HP 220 16
HP 235/240 6
PRIZEWINNER not before 1:15
Reel 301 8
Reel 313 12
Reel 325 7
SJ 310 9
SJ 322 7
TJ 303 7
TJ 319 13
TJ 335/331 5
HP 316 10
HP 328 6
Start: 9:00AM Sharp
Reel 007 10
Jig 005/002 12
SJ 012 5
ADV BEG not before 9:15
Reel 106 10
Reel 116 9
Jig 102 5
Jig 127 6
Jig 132 6
Jig 147/142 2
Jig 113 12
SJ 123 6
TJ 109/104 4
TJ 119/124 11
HP 145 1
NOVICE not before 10:15
Reel 211 16
Reel 226 13
Reel 246 2
Jig 207 6
Jig 222 9
Jig 242/237 4
SJ 218 20
SJ 233 8
TJ 214 20
TJ 229 12
HP 210/205 7
HP 225 12
PRIZEWINNER not before 1:00
Reel 305 7
Reel 317 12
Reel 333 3
SJ 302/306 10
SJ 314 13
SJ 326 7
TJ 311/307 14
TJ 323 8
HP 320 11
HP 336 5
Reel 450 1
Reel 454 2
Jig 451 1
Jig 455 2
Start: 9:00AM Sharp
Reel 010 7
Jig 008 10
ADV BEG not before 9:15
Reel 111 11
Reel 121 7
Reel 146/141 2
Jig 107 9
Jig 117 9
SJ 128 6
SJ 133 5
TJ 114 5
TJ 144 1
HP 110/105 4
HP 135/130 6
NOVICE not before 10:10
Reel 216 20
Reel 231 10
Jig 212 16
Jig 227 5
SJ 208 6
SJ 223 11
SJ 243/238 5
TJ 219 21
TJ 234/239 13
HP 215 10
HP 230 10
HP 245/250 2
PRIZEWINNER not before 1:00
Reel 309 10
Reel 321 7
SJ 318 11
SJ 334/330 5
TJ 315 13
TJ 327 6
HP 304 5
HP 312/308 14
HP 324 6
ADULT SOLO after comp 452
SJ 452 2
SJ 456 2
HP 453 1
HP 457 2

2015 Piping and Drumming Syllabus Now Online

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2015 Dancing Syllabus Now Online

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Celtic Justice – Our 2014 Featured Band

This year’s entertainment will be Celtic Justice with Dennis Gallery. The concert starts at 2:30. AlbumCover

Dennis is a true by product of his upbringing in Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare. Dennis was born in the South Bronx, in New York City. Both of his parents, who originally hailed from Co. Clare, decided to move back to Miltown when Dennis was 2 yrs old.

Growing up he was surrounded by the great sounds of traditional Irish music that define Co. Clare. It was not until he returned to New York as a teenager that Dennis actually began to play music.

Once he began to play the guitar Dennis was hooked, music would become his #1 passion. It was not until Dennis first heard Dermot Henry, the great singer/songwriter from Co. Sligo, that he launched himself into the Irish music scene in New York. To this day Dennis considers Dermot as one of his greatest influences.

After many years of being in hugely successful local bands in the New York Irish scene, Dennis is now branching out on his own.

Dennis has just released his first solo CD entitled “Dennis Gallery & Friends” on his own label “Snow Baby Music”.

The “Friends” part of this CD is an impressive list of some of the finest musicians in the Irish/American music scene.

Produced by multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Donohue, this CD highlights Dennis’s love of singing ballads, and of his great love of traditional Irish music. Gabriel who has toured with “The Chieftains”, “Cherish The Ladies”, “The Clancy Brothers” and “Eileen Ivers” plays many instruments on the CD, and influenced many of the arrangements.

Also featured on several tracks is Joanie Madden the leader and driving force behind the internationally acclaimed “Cherish The Ladies”.

As Dennis moves into yet another phase of an already impressive and enduring career in the field of Irish music he hopes that this will be just the first in a long and successful recording career.

The band features probably one of the finest line-ups of popular and talented musicians in the Irish American scene today;
Jimmy Lavin – (Accordion)
What can you say about Jimmy? Much in demand as one of the all time great accordion players in the Irish American scene along with being a true gentleman with a great big smile.

Tom “Muggs” Daly – ( Drums & Vocals)
Its hard to find a better drummer in the Irish scene today than Muggs Daly. A seasoned vetern of the scene Muggs brings a whole new dimension to the band, not to mention another fine singer.


2013 Stage Schedule

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Performing at the Feis – The Sporting Paddies


Sporting Paddies Banner

  • Tom Cassidy, uilleann pipes / flute / whistles / vocals
  • Mike Cassidy, button accordion / concertina / bodhrán
  • Craig Harbauer, fiddle / mandolin / tenor banjo
  • Martin Kearns, guitar / vocals
  • James West, guitar / vocals


James West has been a staple of the Norfolk / Virginia Beach Irish scene since 2002 when he began performing at Jack Quinn Irish Pub in Norfolk, VA. James is a regular solo performer at several local venues, including Murphy’s of VA Beach, Jack Quinn Irish Pub, Mo & O’Malley’s Irish Pub in Norfolk, and The Blarney Stone in Fredericksburg.  James’ vocals communicate a warmth and profound understanding of the material that lend to the outstanding quality of his performance.

Tom & Mike Cassidy have been playing Irish traditional music together most of their lives.  Having both studied individually with some of the greatest musicians in the New York City Irish trad scene, their skillful and close manner of their dual playing bring to the band a unique and authentic Irish trad element not often heard these days.  The two brothers can be found playing out at any number of seisiúns in the NYC area.

In February 2005, Tom was visiting friends in Virginia Beach who recommended listening to James West who was performing some of the best Irish pub music in the VA Beach area.  Upon hearing James first hand, Tom was sufficiently impressed to introduce himself and offered to sit in on uilleann pipes next time he came down. Tom made several solo trips to VA Beach to sit in at James’ shows, including studio time adding pipes and whistle tracks to James’ CD , “All Craic’d Up.”

In February 2006, James traveled up to perform with Tom in New York.  There, Mike joined the band on button accordion.  Three years of playing together, including the release of The Sporting Paddies’ first CD, “What’s the Craic?” in December of 2008, concretized the essential elements of what make The Sporting Paddies unique.

In January 2010, The Sporting Paddies, seeking to expand their instrumentals, welcomed their newest member, Craig Harbauer, a veteran of the NYC seisiún scene,

Starting in March 2010, James found himself in increasing demand at home in Virginia. In his stead, The Sporting Paddies have relied on the guitar and vocal stylings of Marty Kearns, a stalwart of the Long Island music scene.

Among the band’s highlights are playing the NYPD Transit Bureau Emerald Society’s St. Patrick’s Day ball at Webster Hall in NYC, the FDNY Emerald Society’s annual fundraising boat cruise, and The FDNY Pipe Band’s Christmas and post St. Patrick’s Day Parade parties. Additionally, several of the band’s songs have been featured on Ceol na nGael on WFUV 90.7FM, Fordham University radio.


2013 Honoree Brendan Moore

AOH National President Brendan Moore (R) with Feis Piping Chairman Jim Burke

AOH National President Brendan Moore (R) with Feis Piping Chairman Jim Burke

A proud member of AOH Division #3, Rockland County, New York, Brendan Moore served as National Board Freedom For All Ireland Chairman for fourteen years. He also served in that capacity for eighteen years on the New York State Board and for twelve years on the Suffolk County Board. During that period, he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the support of the dependents of Irish Republican prisoners incarcerated in British jails, while also seeking to educate Americans regarding the broad range of injustices resulting from British occupation of the Six Counties. With the signing of the Good Friday Agreement and the release of most of the prisoners, Moore’s fundraising efforts were directed toward counseling and vocational training programs to assist ex-prisoners, as well as justice initiatives in the north of Ireland. In 2002 and again in 2004, AOH convention delegates elected him to the post of National Director. In 2006 he was elected AOH National Treasurer at the organization’s convention in Boston, and in 2008 he was elected National Vice President in New Orleans.

Brendan was elected AOH National President by the delegates attending the 2012 National Convention. He has sought to review and update current AOH programs, especially in terms of online communication and recordkeeping. In addition, his constant theme has been the need within the organization to encourage, train, and trust younger leadership at every level. He initiated the AOH’s “Storm Relief Program” whereby, in partnering with the LAOH, Hibernian-to-Hibernian financial assistance was provided in many areas devastated by Superstorm Sandy. Commenting on the overwhelming success of this effort, Moore stated: “This has been Hibernianism at its best. Together, we have been a source of hope for those who felt there was no hope!”

Having retired after thirty-four years as a high school English teacher, Brendan Moore was hired with the rank of Lecturer at St. Joseph’s College and, in addition to teaching there, supervised and evaluated the College’s student teachers.  A graduate of La Salle Academy, Manhattan, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Washington, D.C.’s Catholic University. He received his Master’s Degree in English Literature from New York University, and an additional Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the City University of New York’s Baruch College.

Brendan’s father, the late John Moore, immigrated to New York from Ferbane, County Offaly, and his mother, the late Bridget Murphy Moore, hailed from Warrenpoint, County Down. He is married to the former Eileen McNulty, a member of LAOH Division #3. The proud parents of two sons, Brian, a teacher at Pearl River High School, and Sean, a physical therapist, the Moores consider themselves blessed with the addition of two wonderful daughters-in-law, Deirdre and Lauren, along with five adored grandchildren-Aidan, Darragh, Seamus, and (“The Twins”) Shannon and Kevin.



The Feis committee is proud to announce that National AOH President Brendan Moore has been named this years Feis honoree.  Bio to follow soon.


2012 Dancing Stage Schedule is Now Online

Please click here for the schedule


Featured Act: The McLean Avenue Band

The 2012 Feis will feature The McLean Avenue Band as the main entertainment of the day.

The McLean Avenue band is a new name on a collection of well-known Irish/Celtic performers in the New York area! McLean Avenue will specialize in events such as weddings, corporate events, parties, dinner functions and festivals around the world. We cover all aspects of music, including Celtic, Irish and Pop. Traditional Irish tunes, waltzes, and upbeat hits carefully blended with the dancing songs of today’s modern world music. There are no questions asked about the talent you will have at your event when you book McLean Avenue. Members have worked with high profile acts such as, Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, The Whole Shabang and many more!

Together, they combine tradition with masterpiece and they form a dynamic super-band sound! They have all played on stages along side with legends such as, The Wolfe Tones, The Sawdoctors, Black 47, The Prodigals, Eileen Ivers, Cherish The Ladies, The Clancy Brothers and Andy Cooney the list is endless!

The McLean Avenue Band expect to on at 4 p.m.