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Nassau County Board

of the

Ancient Order of Hibernians

45th Annual Feis and



Nickerson Beach Park

880 Lido Boulevard

Lido Beach, NY

September 17, 2017 – 9:00am

Cead Mile Failte to All

Mike Byrne, Chairman


* Solo Irish Dancing – Amateur and Championship * Irish Music * Adult Dancing * Solo Piping and Drumming * Pipe Bands * Irish Traditional Singing * Irish Soda Bread

Dancing and Bagpipe Competitions conducted under NAFC and EUSPBA Rules


* Massed Pipe Bands * Irish Entertainment * Irish Storytelling and Language * Irish Vendors *

* Children’s Games *

Catholic Mass celebrated @ 11:00am

Piping and Drumming

Competitions are run under rules adopted by the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association.

Jim Burke, Piping Chairman


Entry Rules

Complete all questions on entry card, including EUSPBA Number.  Checks should be made out to:  Nassau County Feis Committee Corp.  Mail entries, including a stamped self-addressed legal-size envelope to:

Feis Entries

Maureen Caffrey

178 Hawthorn Street

Massapequa Park,  NY  11762

Entry Fees

Individual Piping and Drumming

                $20.00 per competitor (includes gate entry)

Pipe Bands

                $100.00 per band

Bands must submit a roster of competing members.  Special gate passes will be issued for registered band members.

All piping and drumming entries must be postmarked by September 6, 2017.

NO Field Entries will be accepted.

Representatives from the Metro Branch of the EUSPBA will be on hand to monitor the competition.

***The Feis Committee reserves the right to cancel any event that does not have sufficient entries.  The number of prizes awarded in any event with less than 4 competitors will be 1 less than the number of participating competitors.***


Individual Piping and Drumming

(will begin at 9:00am)

**The Nassau County Feis Committee reserves the right to limit entries in any event based on available time to complete the event. Any competitor that is disallowed shall be notified no later than 1 week before the event or at the earliest opportunity.**


Amateur Piping

(1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals for each event)

Grade I

Piobaireachd                                                            301

M/S/R                                                                     302

Hornpipe and Jig                                                    303

Grade II

Piobaireachd  (submit 2)                                         304

M/S/R                                                                     305

Hornpipe and Jig                                                    306

Grade III

Piobaireachd                                                            307

2/4 March                                                                308

Strathspey and Reel                                                                309

Grade IV

Grade IV competition will be divided into two groups:

                (A)  17 & Under as of March 1, 2017

                (B)  18 & Over as of March 1, 2017

Please include full birthday on Entry.

17 & under

Slow March                                                            310

2/4 March                                                                311

*Piobaireachd (Ground Only)                                312

*Piobaireachd (Full Tune)                                      313

18 & older

Slow March                                                            314

2/4 March                                                                315

*Piobaireachd (Ground Only)                                316

*Piobaireachd (Full Tune)                                      317

*Grade IV competitors are to enter only one Piobaireachd competition.*

Grade V

March (1 four part or 2 two part)                            318

Grade V is restricted to those playing the practice chanter only in the competition and is not open to those playing the bagpipe in solo or band competition.  Grade V is unsanctioned and does not require membership in the EUSPBA.  The tune requirement is 1 four parted or 2 different two parted marches in 2/4, 4/4/ or 6/8 time.


Amateur Drumming

(1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals for each event)

Grade I                 March, Strathspey & Reel           319

Grade II               March, Strathspey & Reel           320

Grade III             2/4 March                                    321

Grade IV

Grade IV competition will be divided into two groups:

                (A)  17 & Under as of March 1, 2017

                (B)  18 & Over as of March 1, 2017

Please include full birthday on Entry.   Drum stand is permitted.

17 & under

                        March (any time signature)                       322

18 & older

                        March (any time signature)                       323

Grade V

                        March (two part, any time signature)       324

Grade V is restricted to those playing the practice pad only in the competition and is not open to those playing the drum in solo or band competition.  Grade V is unsanctioned and does not require membership in the EUSPBA. The tune requirement is two parts of march music (piper not required).


Patricia E. Doyle Memorial Pipe Bands   Competition #300

  1. The draw for order of play will take place at approximately 11:00am at the Piping Committee Area.
  1. Prizes:

                                First                Second            Third

Grade III                 $600 & trophy        $400        $300

Grade IV                $500 & trophy        $300        $200

Grade V                  $400 & trophy        $200        $150

  1. Pipe Bands traveling from outside the Long Island/New York City area will receive travel expenses based on the radial distance from Lido Beach, NY.

                75-150 miles…………$100

                over 150 miles………$200

  1. All Bands are required to participate in “massed bands”, in proper uniform, in order to receive awards and/or travel expenses.

Entry Form

(Please print neatly)







(Required for Grade IV Piping & Drumming)

Name of Pipe Band:________________________




(Please enter the competition number in the space provided below.)


Piping:                  Grade    __________

Piobaireachd                        __________

2/4 March                             __________

S & R                                     __________

Hornpipe and Jig                  __________

Slow March                          __________


M/S/R                                    __________


Drumming:                          __________


Pipe Bands:         Grade    __________



Nickerson Beach Park



To reach Nickerson Beach Park from the North Shore, take Meadowbrook Parkway South to Loop Parkway (Exit M10) to Point Lookout. Turn right onto Lido Boulevard. Nassau Beach is about half-mile on your left-hand side.

From the South Shore, take Southern State Parkway (East) to Meadowbrook Parkway (South) toward Jones Beach. Just before the Jones Beach Toll, go off onto the Loop Parkway (exit M10) toward Point Lookout. Take Loop Parkway all the way to the end. Turn right: Nassau Beach Park is on the left hand side about ½ a mile away


Visit our website for a visual map.

Traditional Singing

Entrants will sing their choice of popular Irish song in the traditional style (no accompaniment).  Come let us hear your voice.

                Boys and Girls under 14            701

                Boys and Girls age 14-18           702

                Ladies 18 and Over                   703

                Gentlemen 18 and Over             704



Irish Step Dancing Competitions

For more information on Dancing competitions, please visit our website at: .

Irish Art

Artwork to be entered must be on display before noon on the day of Feis.  No more than two artworks per competitor. Competitor’s name and address must appear on the back of each piece.  All entries must be mounted but not framed.  Artwork must be collected after 5:00pm.  Do not send artwork with entry in the mail.

Under  9 years     Irish Scene – Watercolor or Crayon    801

9 – 11 years          Irish Scene – Any medium                802

12 – 14 years        Irish Scene – Any medium                803

15 – 18 years        Irish Famine Scene – Oil, Acrylic      804

                              or Watercolor

Over 18 years      Irish Scene – Any medium                805

Under 11 years    Celtic Design – black & white           806

11 – 15 years        Celtic Design – color                        807

Over 15 years      Original Celtic Design – color           808

Music Competitions

For more information on Music competitions, please visit our website at: .

Irish Soda Bread

Bread must be submitted to the Baking Competition Chairperson between 11am and noon on the day of the Feis.  Awards will be given for the top three breads in each competition.  Entries will be judged on the basis of looks, texture and taste.

Entry for this event is the donation of the Irish Soda Bread that will become property of the Feis Committee.

                White Bread                            901

                Brown Bread                           902